Common Queries and Questions

  • What are Family Support Groups? +

    Family Support Groups are peer-led support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with substance use disorder. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar circumstances.
  • What is important to know about Family Support Groups? +

    Family Support Groups follow a structured model, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to get what they need. Family Support groups are free of cost to participants. They are designed for adult loved ones (18+) of individuals living with substance use disorder. They are led by family members of individuals living with substance use disorder. Family Support Groups meets weekly or monthly. No specific medical therapy or medication is endorsed or recommended. They meetings are safe and confidential.
  • How will I benefit from attending a Family Support Group? +

    By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential setting, you gain hope and develop supportive relationships. This group allows your voice to be heard, and provides an opportunity for your personal needs to be met. It encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community. You'll benefit through other’s experiences, discover your inner strength and learn now to identify local resources and how to use them.
  • Find a Family Support Group +

    Find the Family Support Group nearest to you.
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  • What is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO)? +

    A recovery community organization (RCO) is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. In NH, RCOs typically operate Recovery Community Centers that provide space for recovery-supportive groups, workshops, and other activities geared toward fostering a sense of inclusion and wellness. RCOs in NH also provide Peer-based Recovery Support Services (PRSS) which may include in-person Recovery Coaching and Telephone Recovery Support.
  • Do RCO's Provide Clinical Services? +

    -RCO's do not provide clinical services and are not treatment programs. -RCO's respect and support ALL pathways of recovery. -The majority of their board, staff and volunteers are in recovery from alcohol and/or other drug addiction.
  • Are RCO's Accredited? +

    State-Supported RCOs are expected to operate according to standards set forth by the Council of Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS).
  • What Does it Cost? +

    All RCO services and activities are free to the public unless otherwise indicated.
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